Diaper Dreams Come True

Being a first time mom means learning as I go. It also means I want the absolute best for my son. We tried diaper after diaper trying to find a brand that was simultaneously absorbent and gentle on my little one; especially since this kid is on the gooooooo.

Enter Comforts from Kroger! These diapers are the first brand to be snug and absorbent (and even have a handy wetness indicator on all sizes) while also being soft and gentle on my son’s skin. Not only that, but they have adorable new designs that have Hanly running toward diaper changing time instead of away from it; total mom win!

In times where I am trying to stay focused on his development, his character, and his health and nutrition, it’s amazing to have one thing I can check off my list no matter what his age: diapers that work! Now we can spend our days playing at the park or aquarium instead of changing diapers in random public bathrooms. Hanly loves how soft they are, and I love how affordable and absorbent they are.

You can purchase Comforts diapers through any Kroger store (e.g., Fred Meyer, QFC), and lucky for you, you can access a coupon by clicking here!

Thanks to Comforts from Kroger for sponsoring this post!