Layers & Toddlers Go Together Like PB&J

With the cooling temperatures, I’ve noticed a chill in my bones that I can’t quite shake. I’m starting to look a little like Joey in the episode of Friends when he puts on all of Chandler’s clothes (could I be wearing any more clothes?).

We snapped these pics on our last adventure to the park and within minutes I was too hot to even keep my scarf on. Running after a toddler is exhausting, y’all. Speaking of which, Hanly has officially entered toddlerhood. He currently screams bloody murder, arches his back, and flails his legs and arms anytime he has to go into the stroller, car seat, or highchair. We’ve accommodated where we can (I don’t care about the highchair, just eat some food please), but the car seat is non-negotiable. Thus, I have entered a parenting stage where I am now using all of the techniques I “teach” other parents. Reward system? Check. Labeled praises? You betcha. Direct commands? Always. Distraction? Yasssssss. Consistent consequences? Ughhhh, yes, but why you gotta be so hard, consequences?

I know this is just his current stage of development, and it also comes with so many perks: he’s learning new things every day, he’s very helpful and task oriented around the house (he’s already taken on some chores – definitely takes after his dad), and he is so funny!! I especially love how he claps whenever he hears other people clap, and laughs when he hears others laugh; doesn’t matter if he has no idea what’s going on, he just wants to join in! Silly boy.

I’ll keep reveling in the the joys of this motherhood thing, but I sure won’t miss the toddler tantrums when they go. Layers on layers for now.

Jeans | Purse | Scarf | Sweater | Jacket | Sunglasses | Shoes

Anyone else dealing with a toddler tantrum stage? Have you found things that help?

XX, Kate