Seattle Girl

Well if you follow me on Instagram, you know that my husband was teasing me for wearing this many layers the other day. However, 15 minutes out in the Seattle wind and rain and he agreed I had the right idea. Hard to believe the park in these pictures was full of kids swimming, people fishing, and family’s BBQing just a few short weeks ago.

Living in Seattle is definitely amazing, but the weather here is brutal! Who knew that moving a few hours north could impact the weather and daylight so drastically. I can tell my mood is kind of wah-wah (definitely a medical term) lately. Sometimes my outfits just kind of follow my mood, hence the grey and black ensemble.

Luckily I have some family visiting from Oregon this coming weekend, so that will be a wonderful distraction from the weather! We have our Halloween costumes en route (praying they get here in time), and a family community event on Saturday night where all the little kids get to dress up, eat candy, and win games in a safe environment. I know, I know, I’m that mom now. I can’t even remember Halloween last year – is that crazy haha?? Total mom brain.

Shoes | Leggings | Purse | Top | Coat | Scarf | Hat

Anyone have exciting Halloween plans? I’ve always felt costumes are so much pressure – anyone else feel that way? Also, I’d LOVE to hear what content you want to see on here, so please feel free to share in the comments!

XX – Kate