12 Gifts For Her

Struggling to find something for the lovely lady in your life this holiday season? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1) Love these champagne glasses, especially as the holidays roll through. Truthfully I think every day is worthy of champagne and cute glasses. Cheers to Tuesday! Cheers to a new haircut! Cheers to surviving a toddler meltdown! Cheers to a bad day at work! Treat yo self and all that 😉

2) A Nespresso machine is so essential and I have wanted one forever! This one comes with the frother, and after the $6 frother I purchased at Target went kaput, I am all about acquiring a new one. Husband, are you reading this?

3) This Gucci purse is everything. The color, the velvet. I could go on forever, but let’s just agree that opening a present on Christmas and finding this inside wouldn’t suck.

4) This perfume by Valentino is so delicious and the bottle is adorable. Half the time I buy perfume it’s because I love the container, but luckily the scent of this one is sweet and romantic, just how I like my perfume.

5) Such an adorable journal for staying present, focusing on the positive, and dreaming about the future. I love notebooks like this one, and even more than filling them out, I love going back years later and seeing what my former self was all about.

6) Forever obsessed with these Hunter boots. I have mine in red but I absolutely need, NEED them in black because black goes with everything. Flawless logic.

7) I love this water bottle by bkr. It’s a little edgy but also feminine. Plus, I’m uber into monitoring my water intake these days and I swear my skin looks more youthful. Or perhaps it just isn’t severely dehydrated anymore haha.

8) Let’s all live luxuriously in this scarf by Free People and let the cares of the world slip away, mmkay? So chic, so winter white fabulous, and so soft.

9) This delicious bath tonic by Laura Mercier looks and smells delicious. I think this would wash my stress away any day of the week.

10) This yummy lotion by J.R. Watkins is a must on my wish list. I honestly love this company and have loved every product I’ve ever used. Would be super cute as part of a “pamper yourself” gift set or as a stocking stuffer.

11) These socks are so darling and look so cozy. I was going to cross my fingers they came my way for Christmas, but I may just scoop them up now before they sell out.

12) These boots are so essential for winter. I already ordered mine. Merry Christmas from me to me.

Happy shopping, y’all!