5 Beauty Finds I’m Crushing On

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I made a New Years resolution to care for myself in a multitude of ways. This has included taking time to pamper my body, and below are a few of my favorite new finds!

This energizing mask is the most amazing thing I have used on my dull, aging, sensitive skin in ages! It smells sweet, and has a little zing to it, but peeling it off after the allotted 20 minutes reveals some seriously pampered skin. I’ve been raving about it so much that my husband is about to give it a try! Under $3 at Target, too!

This body wash smells so amazing (but only if you appreciate roses – I repeat, only if like the smell of roses) and leaves my skin silky smooth hours after using it. The bathroom also smells like roses which is a lovely bonus. The company is committed to caring for the planet while caring for people, which is a mission I support!

This lotion has taken my dry winter hands and given them new life! It has a yummy gentle scent and forms a shield between my skin and the environment (extra important for this obsessive hand washer). My husband’s hands were cracking from winter wear and tear, and now they are safely on the road to recovery with this stuff. Gentle, but effective. Lifetime convert right here!

I canNOT believe I have waited this long in my life to use this shampoo and conditioner. Dear hair, I sincerely apologize for using a store brand (which shall remain nameless), leaving me to battle endless buildup. The shampoo is gentle and cleansing, and the conditioner has a lovely fresh/tingling feeling from tea tree oil. Plus, it’s made with organic, vegan ingredients which makes me want to do a happy dance. Looooove this stuff!

This deodorant is definitely a splurge, but I am so obsessed with it. Gentle scent (if you don’t like scents, it’s not for you), long lasting, and feels decadent. I’m never going back to {insert generic store brand that I’ve used since I was 11}. I saw my favorite bloggers, Somewhere, Lately talking about it so I scooped it up. Turns out they were right!

*All of these opinions are my own. No sponsors, no ads, just my plain and simple love of a few new products. Check them out and let me know what you think*